Concrete Crack Repair

Why Concrete Repair?

Over the years, cracks and other damages cannot be prevented from imprinting their mark on your once freshly built concrete. Its hard to avoid damages over time. At Master Spray Pave we can treat those cracks   of your concrete.

The main reasons for the cracks are:

  • Wrong placement of slabs and
  • Improper blending of slabs

Whatever the cause of cracks, it is necessary to seek professional help so as not to allow further damage to your concrete.

Joint placement is one of the ways on how to fix the problem related to cracks. The location of cracks is not necessary. What is more important is to have the cracks treated  immediately.

Please note: Merits of the crack repair must be assessed on each individual job, and that its success cannot be guaranteed. You may need to contact a structural engineer.


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