High Pressure Cleaning

Why High Pressure Cleaning?

High pressure cleaning for concrete surfaces is necessary for driveways to maintain their durability and stability. This services ensures that your concrete driveway will not develop cracks and other damages once pressure cleaning is done. Rest assured that your driveway will look new after the clean up.

Main Benefit of High Pressure Cleaning:

  • Remove all molds, grimes, filth, stain
  • Avoid heath issues such as allergies  as mold build ups are harmful.
  • Remove all particles, including stubborn stains that are unmanageable to remove in your own.
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks as NEW

Master Spray Pave works with the assurance that your driveway will be safer. Using the high-powered pressure water, we will get rid of the dirt and other trash in your concrete such as oil, mosses, weeds, and algae. Pressure cleaning is not only limited to cleaning. Sealing of concretes is also included along with pressure cleaning. This is necessary in preventing possible damages to your concrete, preserving the driveway for a period of time.


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