Decorative Concrete

Why Decorative Concrete?

Through Concrete Resurfacing an old and worn out concrete surfaces can be restored without the use of a new one. This method of replacement is referred to as Concrete Resurfacing. Colour sealing allows improved cleanability of the surface. Staining is reduced, and any stains that do occur are more easily removed or fixed.

Main Benefit:

  • Dramatically improve the appearance of concrete by adding luster and richness.
  • Protect decorative concrete from the harsh Australian weather.
  • Resist the marking effects of dirt, grime, salt, moss and oils.
  • Make concrete much easier to wash and clean.
  • Seal the pores in the concrete to restrict the flow of lime to the surface.

How its done?

The Procedure:
1. Concrete Resurfacing starts by taking out everything such as pots and grass.
2. High pressure clean-up of the locale comes next
3. Cracks are refurbished
4. To avoid overspray, walls and posts are covered
5. Application of the basic covering to the exterior is then done
6. For stenciled outline, the foundation coat in grout line color is sprayed
7. The stencil pattern is put in place (if stencil pattern is preferred)
8. The chief color is applied through spray next –application of two coats is commonly done
9. After the main color, colors for the frame is sprayed
10. The stencil outline is then removed and cleaning of the facade is done (for stenciled pattern)
11. Next is the application of the sealer to the surface
12. Division of the area is necessary. Walking gently is allowed after 4 hours. However, cars cannot drive through the resurfaced concrete for about 5 days.

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